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Jackie Gold



With my crazy work hours, It is very difficult for me to find time for me. We found in Sitter and Me, the perfect tool to find a babysitter and have a little time for us!!!.

Jeff Taylor





Once you start using it, you will never stop!

I recommend without any problems. 5 stars!

Tina Lu





Easy to use, friendly, dozens of babysitters to choose from. What else???

Thank you Sitter and Me for bringing such a great app.

Amy Broader


Development Specialist


I'm a working with parents and babies for years now, Sitter and me answered what we were looking for in a long time...

About Us

Sitter and Me is a brand new and fresh app with full notifications and geolocation in real time! .


We have worked very hard to bring you the ultimate babysitting app. You will be able to follow "in real time" every steps of your babysitting experience! With the notifications experience you will be notified of the meal time, bath time, play time and many more options with a text and also a picture showing on your app! You will be able to make a live video webcam with your babysitter using our app, no need to install expensive home video cameras anymore!


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