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        Small wire drawing machine

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        Small wire drawing machine

        Dates:2016-11-03 Author:甘雨 Click:

        Small wire drawing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical industries were closed for ampoule filling liquid filling and sealing. The drawing machine of the water tank adopts the quantitative filling of the piston metering pump, and can automatically stop filling liquid in case of lack of the bottle, and the gas can be used for gas, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. The machine is a double needle type, with a compact structure, stable and reliable operation, convenient operation and complete function. ALG-2 small wire drawing machine technical parameters: ampoule specifications: 5ml, 10 ml, 20 ml production capacity: 3600-4200 bottles / motor power: 0.37kw 380V 50Hz size: 1300 x 700 x 1400mm weight: 150kg small wire drawing machine is suitable for 5/10 or 1-2 ml ampoule using two kinds of specifications. Therefore, in the specification, the following steps must be adjusted in accordance with the following steps to smooth production. (a) adjusting the feed hopper: in the production process, 5 or 10 ml size change, the hopper can be slightly adjusted, universal, but its related parts should be slightly adjusted. First of all, the board can pass on the turntable to ampoule.



        "E" is a common regulator, "F" as a lever, its role is to enable a rotary bottle continuously discharged into the ampoule separately, in order to facilitate the rotation of tooth plate conveying ampoule. When the change in the adjusting rod specifications, should be adjusted as follows: when the ampoule bottle from the turntable was sent to the positioning tooth plate, the ampoule bottle should just touch the tooth plate is arranged on the lower position adjusting gauge, and the ampoule bottleneck to just touch the adjusting rod installed on the positioning tooth plate adjusting rod movement in the fixed tooth plate under. 5cc time to fall, 10cc to rise. "F" adjusting lever, adjust to the bottleneck not dumping down, and passed, the adjusting rod "E" to adjust to the conveyor to the normal operation of the ampoule. (two) adjust the drive tooth plate: when the ampoule specifications are interchanged, should be A, B, D three tooth plate is adjusted, otherwise it will affect the ampoule move, will shake the rotation of the handle, the rotary bottle out of an empty ampoule, to see whether empty ampoule with A and two fixed tooth plate with friction and the air gap is too big phenomenon. A, D and tooth plate just ampoule contact, turn the handle, the ampoule in tooth gear, and then observe the ampoule and the fixed tooth plate is D to 90o then, adjust the height of A fixed tooth plate, the size of the ampoule neck exposed tooth surface: a=12~15mm, turn the handle, check whether B C, two rotating tooth plate can move the ampoule if there is error, adjust the B rotation gear plate height, in order to achieve this purpose. Three, small needle drawing machine group regulating needle group is the role of the pump out timely delivery to the drops of each ampoule, therefore, must be entered into the ampoule needle in the right time, and must not rub the ampoule mouth, in order to achieve this purpose, can be adjusted according to the following steps: 1, shake the handle the head of the crank shaft, the needle needle moves up and down time should be put to the just: when the ampoule filling liquid medicine the tooth, the needle should be started into the ampoule mouth, the liquid medicine perfusion after the needle should be moved back to the ampoule before all the ampoule mouth, found the needle under the action is not accurate enough, then. Can the fixed screw loose side cam, clockwise or reverse side cam, the action for the above requirements. 2, in order to make into the main needle and ampoule ampoule mouth can be adjusted by adjusting the friction piece of needle to align the center line of the ampoule needle, the adjusting steps are as follows: 1 the first handle the spindle rotation, the needle holder E A to drive the needle bottom position, and then take an empty ampoule. In this perfusion fluid shift gear, and then release the needle adjusting plate screw adjusting C mobile B, the needle A alignment ampoule center, so that the needle will not be in the ampoule when touch mouth wall. We then loosen the needle fixing screw D, the tip of needle A in perfusion fixed position in the bell mouth of the ampoule stay, such as liquid outflow, along the ampoule wall flow, does not make the drops splashing in the ampoule neck. The regulation of F miniature bearings, so that the two side of the gap and the needle seat G clearance is appropriate, can slide freely on the needle holder, E without loosening of the needle always at the center of the operation state of A. After the above regulation must be used to handle multiple rounds, on the part of work, but must pay attention to, when moving any screws, must be adjusted tightly, otherwise, will affect the normal operation of the machine. There are two ways to adjust the size of the liquid device four, small wire drawing machine with liquid: 1, with 1 rod adjusting device: loosen the 1 screws rod, the pull rod is moved to the A direction load increased, if the pull rod is moved to the B direction is arranged to reduce the amount of.

        When the load is adjusted by the pull rod 1, the loading quantity varies greatly. 2, by adjusting nut 2 for adjustment load: loosen the adjusting nut 2, moved to the C direction, with increased to D direction, which is arranged to reduce the amount of. By adjusting the nut 2 adjusting the filling quantity, volume changes little. When the glass is mounted pump, a fact to prevent the inner cylinder of glass pumping distance is too large, the top wear outer cylinder, therefore, installed in the pump, the pump will not be installed too close, the glass bottom pump should be left with clearance, the height of not less than 15 mm. Five, the regulation of the gas head drawing sealing machine for sealing gas for gas and oxygen or air gasification of gasoline two, before being sealed, only the gas and oxygen in the gas mixture is mixed, can be used as gasoline combustion, gasification and gas sealing shall be replaced by steam gasification oil head and stabilizing device, and shall have a gasification gasoline generator. The drawing is smooth and tight sealing, fire size, height and position of ampoule gas head rotation is uniform, in order to make the ampoule sealed tight, must be: 1, the gas and oxygen flame: adjusting the size of the gas fire head mounted on the fixed frame column, can be adjusted up and down and fixed, the gas and oxygen storage tank in the 2 groups respectively by the needle of the regulation and control of the fire size, sent to the mixer after mixing with each other, then there is a group of head a (pre fire) into another group, into the head B (drawing head), the head and the ampoule position, is suitable in about 12 mm, preheating head a (1, 2), adjusted to the bottleneck section for ampoule is small red, then light the drawing head B (3, 4) can melt sealing wire drawing, wire drawing device for regulating and sealing quality, fire regulation, careful adjustment To a certain flame, in order to carry out the normal operation. In operation, often pay attention to head change, adjust. 2, the gasification of gasoline and air conditioning: the size of the flame gas fire head frame and growth of fixed column, up and down before and after the adjustment and fixing of the storage tank, mixed gasification gasoline, after a certain ratio of air mixing, respectively by 2 sets of needle of regulation and control of the head size, into a group of head a. Preheat the head, the other group into the head B drawing head, (2) head and ampoule position, is suitable in about 28 mm, figure nine. Preheating head a (1, 2, 3) to adjust the word segment after the ampoule neck are reddish, drawing head B (4, 5) by chemical process, drawing the seal, if it can be micro adjusted C, head difference correction, drawing on the fire and the decoration quality, adjustment device is associated with careful adjustment to a flame, to the normal operation, in normal operation, always pay attention to oil content changes, voltage adjustment ratio of device at any time. (requirements will be used in the gasification of gasoline regulator filter removed, often put oil bottle). A few days ago with high, should be added to the corresponding air, anti air support to ensure the normal flame temperature. 3, gas or oxygen flame transmission regulation: 1 the working principle: gas and oxygen flame transmission device and the transmission, by 6, to 7, the cam lever by adjusting screw 4 to lift, to lift rod 3, push the head connecting rod 2, drive head 1, clearance movement. The adjustment method: all the time with the need to adjust the positioning, cam 6, and lift the lifting distance by 4 to adjust the screw, fixed location, only need to adjust the pressure rod 5, will be able to obtain the necessary action, need to fine bubble free head, drag wire phenomenon, which can be matched with normal operation, regulation 4, bottle plate: ampoule ampoule sealing, in order to make the ampoule sealing glass surrounded by heat, therefore, must make the ampoule rotating smoothly, in order to achieve this purpose, can be transferred in the ampoule bottle thimble move up and down, so that the top leaf center alignment ampoule sag line. (six) small wire drawing machine adjusting plate hopper: when 5-10 ml specifications are interchanged, due to different diameters of ampoule is to be on board, mobile, in order to successfully launch the ampoule. When adjusting the loose nut "A", "B" bottle block plate can move back and forth in order to achieve the "a" size, diameter a= ampoule.

        (seven small wire drawing machine, automatic filling stopping device adjustment: automatic filling stopping device prevents the machine in the production process, in case of a shortage or other end use ampoule ampoule but the machine is still running, without making the potion outjection, avoid fouling machine, prevent waste, its working principle and adjusting method are as follows: 1, working principle: when the rotating tooth plate will be moved to the ampoule filling syrup position, the cam convex left link along the cam surface, decreased gradually, the pressure and pressure on the head with a torsion spring force downward pressure, until the ampoule, this time due to contact by the micro switch gap has to maintain a certain distance, so coil power is off, the push rod spring force to the right to hold the top rod of iron, iron, is absorbing the push rod of the push rod is driven by the set down to work together and achieve the pump work, the purpose of filling liquid. If the press and lack of filling syrup, the pressure and pressure and bolt and continue to move downward by block, torsion spring force, until contact with micro switch, when the coil power, the magnetic force is generated, the top rod is pulled to the left, top iron rod sleeve does not move, in order to achieve self glass pump stop to irrigation solution does not work. 2, adjustment method: when the ampoule specifications are interchanged, filling equipment only for ampoule diameter affected, therefore can use the bottle pressing bolt screw placed to adjust the gap between the contact length and the wire clamp, to ensure the irrigation device in the role of, the gap is 1.5~2 mm. Note: due to the electromagnetic iron only allows non continuous operation, so in the empty test, if there is no ampoule, it must be the electromagnetism power switch circuit breaker K2. Otherwise, the electromagnetic suction is in a state of continuous power, the coil is burned. (eight) small wire drawing machine drawing: drawing clamp clamp group to adjust the group role is to have good medicine after the ampoule filling, after preheating process of cable sealing. So the next time the position drawing clamp, adjust properly, play a considerable role in drawing the seal, in order to achieve this purpose, can be adjusted according to the following steps: 1, the working principle of drawing ampoule filling and sealing machine: it is driven by the main shaft through a worm and worm gear to the drawing clamp side cam, drawing clamp followed up and down motion. (2) when drawing down to the lowest point of the pliers are pliers, drawing off quickly, will melt ampoule bottle clamped, quickly rose to a certain height to stop, the formation of drawing process. Drawing clamp at the highest point position, drawing clamp through the pressure adjusting rod, pressure, pressure adjusting rod through the action of pliers, fine drawing axial, movement, fine pull shaft through the wire rope, wire rope and even by some cam action two times in a row, put off, and rounding off the glass head pliers the wheel will open down, scoliosis pliers with wire clamp shaft, up or down, to complete the required action, this action with each other, to complete the whole process of drawing coordination. 2, adjustment method: side cam position adjustment if not appropriate, the direct impact of drawing and drawing the ampoule positioning clamp the melting time of early and delayed positioning, drawing the adverse effects that usually side cam screw loosen, the side cam is adjusted to the lowest level in the drawing clamp, the crankshaft position is the ampoule handling to put the bottle holder, and then continues to rotate counterclockwise around 45o while adjusting the cam position for drawing wire rope clamp for closing the clamp, the position is appropriate, then by adjusting the pressure adjusting rod position and fine pull shaft position and wire rope position each other repeatedly with the side cam, cam rope, careful to adjust to the best state of continuous operation can be brushed.

        Be careful! At this time all fasteners should be fixed tightly, otherwise it will shift and can not get satisfactory results. (nine) to adjust the pressure foot small wire drawing machine: 1, working principle: the crankshaft driven by the cam to cam A bearings, drive bracket, so that all the presser foot is raised to the ampoule by tooth movement and the bottle handling style, to move the ampoule after all (with downward pressure foot torsion spring press the ampoule bottle), pressure bottle and bottle to reach. 2, adjustment methods: cam A adjustment in the upward movement of the tooth plate, and close to the body, the presser foot also left the ampoule bottle, when the ampoule and transported by the tooth plate to the fixed tooth plate, pressure foot should press the ampoule and body, and adjusting the torsion spring tightness appropriate, and check and each station of coordinated action, and check the micro switch contact if not an intact, and the cam A with bolts, and needs to be drawing the presser foot (B) even miniature bearing rotating 8o. Note: in the case of double needle filling machine, filling, filling liquid, pressure foot all add a (i.e. 6 foot), drawing B increased 1 foot (4 foot only).

        Four, small wire drawing machine 1, handling and installation of machine handling: packing machine, rust parts should be coated with anti rust oil, and with thin paper, packing, support plate, plate firmly, in contact with the machine, on the pad with a thicker layer of wool, to prevent the broken machine. And put the amount of moisture in the sand box of memory. The box in the hoisting, should pay attention to whether the box tie in the lift no turbulence and shock, not upside down. After unpacking the handling, the machine can be divided into two parts. (two parts of the machine and the bracket). Please refer to the following figure when moving. Move the machine, can be carried out by two people, a standing in front of the machine, a station on the machine by holding the button surface, cylindrical, hard to lift, but please note: in a move before, in fact to the machine with the support of all together, such as rubber belt pipe after the opening, can move again. The catch is strictly prohibited in the spindle or lever position. In addition to the moving bracket, can wear on the bottom rope, rod or hanging, but it should be noted that the rope is reliable, the rope and the friction pad bracket, thick wool, prevent damaged paint or damage the machine. 2, the machine installation notes: 1 machine installation, should first use of kerosene will clean the machine. The machine check, check during shipment without damage or loose or corroded. It will be the new lubricating oil lubrication points. The shake the handle to turn the machine several times, check whether the machine is flexible and dynamic in the match is correct. On the circuit system, perfusion system, gas system connection, please refer to figure one or two, at three. The circuit is connected, please check whether the motor reversal, therefore must first edge belt between the spindle motor and disengaged, and then turn on the switch, inspect the motor pulley is rotated clockwise. Can be set on the belt drive. The motor rotation direction is clockwise for the motor output shaft. It can according to machine timing action, check each part of the work, if action is normal, can be put into production. Note: the test is empty, without the ampoule, it must be the power switch K2 circuit of the electromagnet, otherwise the electromagnetic coil will be burned. Operation requirements: in the car before the 8 force regulator to 0.3kg/cm&sup2, and the requirements of Table 9; often put the oil, so as to avoid the decrease of flame temperature, effect of drawing pass rate.



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